Şahan Gökbakar Trolled Opponents of Vaccination on Instagram: This Is What Happened After The Second Dose

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THE ONE means out of the coronavirus pandemic that has plagued the whole global since the end of 2019 is to be vaccinated, a minimum of for now. Alternatively, anti-vaccination combatants, who are no longer few in number, don’t want to be vaccinated for a host of purposes. Those other people, preferring to rely on claims that have not anything to do with technological know-how, are combating the tip of the epidemic. Some even organized an event in Istanbul Maltepe final weekend. it is no longer recognized how such an adventure used to be arranged in spite of the 1.5-year length that passed like a nightmare for our healthcare pros, but the competition to the vaccine has now began to develop into “funny”, with the intention to speak. After All, Şahan Gökbakar, considered one of Turkey’s most renowned comedians, also trolled the anti-vaccine people. Sharing his “Mutant” footage, Gökbakar said, “this is what took place after the second dose.” mentioned.

here are the “mutant” footage of Şahan Gökbakar

Şahan Gökbakar

The famous comedian, who shared two different posts, used the following expressions in one of his posts; “I aroused from sleep this morning with headache, hypersensitivity to mild-sound and diarrhea. Glance how i am! who is chargeable for this? in fact, international forces… You made me this way by means of affecting my cell phone nucleus; what happened? Massive sport, massive recreation? ! “Particularly 3 weeks after the second one dose, there was a new sprout from my cerebral bulb. First I Believed it used to be an antenna and i used to be very happy to get 5G. But then i noticed that my 2nd head came out. in the beginning, we could not get used to every different in any respect. it’s always It used to be very difficult to feed two mouths, put on double masks and maintain social distance, etc. However this procedure taught me to mention “WE”, now not “I” at the same time as taking a look at life… although global forces destroyed my cellphone middle and made me double headed, i would nonetheless rise up and cling on to life once more. I succeeded. I’m able to have more limbs in the long term! And sure..! Now me and Spike (named spike) are happier. Thank You Bill Gates and his global pals… That Is how the game breaks!”


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