Selçuk Method Wins the Case for the Toast Photograph, One Among the most Well-Known ‘Memes’ of Social Media

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ONE IN ALL the $64000 names of the Turkish cinema world, Selçuk Manner used to be sued for a captivating issue some time ago. a photo of Method consuming toast was very popular on social media, and it was turned into a “meme” with many posts. a restaurant used this meme on its menu without permission, and was sued with the well-known actress. Now, lengthy this lawsuit has come to an end.

Selçuk Method claimed TL ONE HUNDRED thousand in pecuniary damages and 50 thousand TL in non-pecuniary damages within the lawsuit filed via her lawyers. have been found. The defendant denied this accusation. Selcuk Approach, who was right in the case ahead of the 4th Civil Court of Intellectual and Business Rights in Istanbul, received the compensation. However, the decision used to be overturned by way of the defendant’s enchantment. Thereupon, the similar consequence was got in the case that used to be reopened on the Istanbul 2d Civil Court Docket of Highbrow and Commercial Rights. Curiously, the defendant, who appealed again, could not save the 11th Civil Chamber of the Splendid Court this time.

Selçuk Method officially won the breast case

Selçuk Method

Selçuk Manner’s legal professional informed the courtroom that “his client’s That he is one in every of the most vital theater and cinema actors in Turkey, that a very irrelevant photograph taken whilst eating at the cafe belonging to the defendant was once used within the menu, commercials and promotions of the cafe, in the mag of the Mag Journalists’ Association award rite, that the defendant is on this manner the permanent position of the plaintiff’s cafe. He said that he created the belief that he used to be a customer, that the plaintiff was once mocked as a result of this picture on social media, and subsequently the plaintiff suffered subject matter and ethical damage. The attorneys of the defendant cafe stated, “there’s no paintings, unfair use,, the image in the mag of the Magazine Magazine Journalists’ Association used to be printed without the defendant’s knowledge, a few pictures of the plaintiff are on the menus used within the retailer, however after the decision made by means of the Courtroom, they are going to be destroyed. He argued that the cafe is a well-recognized industry, it doesn’t want advertising.”

The photograph of Selcuk Means eating toast has resulted in the emergence of such photoshop products

Selçuk Method

The Last Supper

Selçuk Potter

Love-ı Toast

Selçuk Method Wins Latest - Selçuk Method Wins Suggestions

Selçuk Method Wins Detail - Selçuk Method Wins Properties

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