Skoda Landed A Helicopter On Its New SUV Type To Demonstrate Robustness Video

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IT IS NOT the first time Skoda has performed a helicopter touchdown on a automobile. In the first episode of the 16th season of Most Sensible Tools, which aired years ago, Jeremy Clarkson was in the back of the wheel of a Skoda Yeti, and a helicopter of the similar weight was landed on the SUV below way.

Now, the Czech car large, which wants to do the same durability check at the Skoda Kodiaq, has began to land a 622-kilogram red helicopter on the stationary Kodiaq. the company stated that it did not make any adjustments to the car, with the exception of the strengthening of the rear suspension, because it did within the Yeti ten years ago.

Weighing 622 kilograms, the Robinson R22 was completely positioned on the Kodiaq. while it landed: 

Seeing the makeover, the brand new Kodiaq received a Matrix LED headlight and 2.0-liter dual-turbo engine replace a couple of months in the past for sporty RS trim. The made over model was showcased for the first time at the Robinson Helicopter Session 2021, held in the Czech Republic.

Making A statement in regards to the video taken, Skoda introduced that this time they preferred to land the helicopter at the standing Kodiaq as opposed to cruising. the company, which desired to distribute the burden of the helicopter calmly, was once capable of land the Robinson R22 type helicopter with a weight of 622 kilograms perfectly, way to the wooden plate fastened at the roof rails.

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