Students Saying ‘We Can’t Take Home’ Began Snoozing on the Boulevard

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The fluctuations in actual property costs is one in all the problems that experience been discussed for some time in Turkey. Even As the costs of homes for sale have already reached astronomical ranges, the truth that the prices of rental houses have skyrocketed, particularly with the opening of universities, brought about reactions from all over the rustic. Scholars who can’t have enough money to rent a home, can not go away dorms, and don’t have enough money to pay for private dormitories as a result of the prices, have started a protest.

Students who started a protest with the identify “We Won’t Accommodate” , accrued the day prior to this and aroused from sleep within the Yoğurtçu Park in Kadıköy, Istanbul. School students who are now not in Istanbul, on the different hand, gave strengthen to the Motion for Refuge. Scholars also inform one through one what they’re experiencing in their posts on a Twitter account.

“we will be able to not let them ignore us”

As A Result Of they could not find a house or dorm The desperate scholars mentioned in a statement at the topic, “we will not allow them to ignore us. we can seize their eye anyplace they turn their heads.” they used the word. Different school scholars also supported the scholars accrued at Yoghurtçu Park.

It Is no longer but known how the events will relax and the way the scholars will discover a place to are living. Alternatively, the top hire costs, the declaration of KYK dormitory results and the exorbitant prices in non-public dormitories do not seem to fall off Turkey’s agenda easily. So what are your perspectives in this? How do the prime prices impact your education lifestyles? you’ll be able to share your ideas with us…

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