Stunning Analysis on Technology Z: They Live On 25 TL AN AFTERNOON, 40% Handiest Get Shuttle Money

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Twentify, a research company, shared the results of its research titled “Technology Z in Turkey”. The results of the analysis; discovered that adolescents make a living on 25 TL per day and that 4 out of every 10 are just trip cash monthly.

in the analysis carried out to raised have in mind the Z technology; “insufficient income” was resolute because the greatest concern in front of the issues that children most wish to do however can not do.

1998 teens participated in the research:

Generation Z

Analysis through Twentify, from Turkey< strong> It was once organized with the participation of 1998 young people among the a while of 15-24. It was once stated that the results of the evaluation of the analysis rejected the view that “the youth devour in entrance of them, they don’t devour in the back of them, they usually don’t have any issues” put forward by some segments of the society. The analysis has revealed the inadequacy of the subject matter and social prerequisites of teenagers.

the most important obstacle is insufficient financial source of revenue:

Generation Z

The analysis shows that they share the house they reside in with 3 folks instead of themselves, and SIXTY SIX% of these properties are taken under consideration. showed that the sturdy> is owned by the households of the children. The analysis also presentations that the adolescents who take under consideration that they receive an allowance of roughly 750 TL per 30 days, spend handiest 25 TL day by day, and that FOUR out of every 10 only spends simplest 25 in the course of the month. It has been made up our minds that there are road tolls.

within the examine, in which the social lives of the younger society have been also evaluated; It became out that during their spare time, young people most commonly watch one thing, go to the mall, do sports or play games. in the research report, it was firm that probably the most essential hindrance in front of the things that the kids wanted to do but unfortunately could not do used to be their now not having sufficient monetary tools. consistent with the record, the sport that young people such a lot wish to do but can not do is swimming.

in step with the study, which evaluated virtual intake, which has develop into the way of living of the Z technology, youngsters’s It used to be recorded that he watched TELEVISION collection and movie-like content material FOUR occasions every week, performed video games FOUR and spent a standard of 2.5 hours in entrance of the reveal at a time.

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