Summer Season My Daughter Will Deliver Her Own Water: Why Cannot We Make Water Via Combining Oxygen With Hydrogen?

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EVEN IF you are not even remotely concerned with chemistry, you recognize the chemical formula of water, H2O. So water; It contains 1 oxygen and a couple of hydrogen atoms. it’s perhaps one among the simplest chemical formulation in the global. Well, if the method of water is so easy, why don’t we mix 1 oxygen and 2 hydrogen atoms in the laboratory and we think the world’s consumable water resources to disappear? it is not sufficient to understand the foods and positioned them in a bowl and mix them. EVEN SUPPOSING the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in query are mixed as it should be, a big explosion will occur. We end up with water, however trying to make such an explosion in a controlled manner might be dear as a result of its lining.

How was water formed?

big bang, big bang

Sooner Than asking why we don’t produce water, we’d like to grasp how water is formed. About EIGHTY% of the arena is water, however NINETY SEVEN% of it is salt water and handiest THREE% is a supply of potable, usable blank water.

after we take a glance at the universe, it’s even imaginable to look celestial bodies composed of just about handiest water.

The formation of water took place after the big Bang. A Number Of The atoms scattered after the explosion, there have been additionally oxygen and hydrogen. Those atoms that formed a celeb were under the influence of excessive dust and gasoline force. When the effect of the particles in the setting was added to this force, the predicted reaction happened.

When those atoms, which might be beneath the influence of dust and gasoline power, in comparison with the gasoline particles within the surroundings, they were given compressed and the gas got hot. With the impact of heat, the bonding process among atoms sped up and water vapor emerged. because the water vapor cooled, it first turned into water and then ice. Due To This Fact, there’s a big amount of water and ice in space.

How do hydrogen and oxygen atoms mix to shape water?


after we see a spot that is on fireplace, the first thing we do is pour water on it as a result of water is an extinguisher. Hydrogen, which creates extinguishing water, is flammable, whilst oxygen helps combustion.

Oxygen electrons form a powerful shell and handiest two electrons are ready to combine. Yes, repulsive electrons of the same poles mix to shape water. Heat is needed for the electrons of one oxygen and a pair of hydrogen atoms to mix to shape water.

Under normal stipulations, electrons repel each other. it’s strong warmth that combines the electrons of oxygen and hydrogen atoms to shape water. As within the preliminary formation process, power can provide this heat. Power is essentially the most effective method for required heat as a result of drive is needed. Atoms rubbing with the impact of pressure can mix and form water by means of developing their own warmth.

Is it possible to produce water?


We stated house, big bang, atom, electron, pressure, hydrogen, oxygen; you may be a little bit perplexed, but sure, it is conceivable to supply water. we will download water if we take 1 oxygen and a couple of hydrogen atoms in the laboratory atmosphere, apply power, warmth them up, and make allowance the electrons of these atoms to mix, we will obtain water.

after we evaluation this straightforward recipe, it’s rather easy to provide water.

As easy as making pottery. Some earth, some water; Form and warmth, get you pot. Well, if it is that straightforward, why do not we produce water?

Why don’t we produce water?

Hindenburg disaster

We stumble upon an example in history the place hydrogen and oxygen atoms had been combined not certainly however by human hands. this situation is definitely a crisis. In 1937, the arena’s biggest airship LZ 129 Hindenburg used to be built. to maximise the flying talent of this large airship, the balloon was once stuffed to the brim with hydrogen fuel.

When the dates showed Might 6, 1937, LZ 129 may take off from the Lakehurst naval airbase in Hindenburg, New Jersey. On The Other Hand, one among the hydrogen tanks exploded and this combustible atom temporarily stuck hearth. Then the oxygen within the air came into play. As a end result, the sector’s biggest airship, along side dozens of alternative folks, was once burned to ashes in 36 seconds. in fact, there has been a undeniable amount of water.

that is why we do not produce water.

it’s very tough to control the crisis for you to occur with the mix of two atoms that are combustible and supportive of combustion. DESPITE THE FACT THAT we keep watch over it, the cost to be spent won’t be worth the water got. Even Supposing theoretically conceivable, in apply it’s unimaginable to supply sufficient water for the entire global.

What are selection water production methods?

water treatment

We mentioned that most effective 2% of the water within the international is drinkable, that is, contemporary water. Sadly, some of this contemporary water is also polluted. in place of fidgeting with atoms at house, crops will also be built to purify water on a large scale. it’s possible to purify city water just as it purifies the water we use at home.

NINETY SEVEN% of the water in the global is salt water, that may be, it’s now not drinkable. we will be able to desalinate seawater. All of the water utilized in Kuwait these days is purified sea water. After purifying the salt and minerals in sea water, a clean and drinkable water will emerge. Handled salt and minerals can also be used for different functions.

we say that it is now not sizzling but very humid. That humidity is water.

Neatly, is not it conceivable to procure water from the air? of course its possible. we can even empty an entire cloud and fill a huge dam. On The Other Hand, such a big-scale gadget these days does not exist. Still, it is going to indisputably be much easier than combining oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

We replied the query why we do not produce water and talked about selection water production methods. If most of these methods appear complicated, check out staying in the shower much less, turning off the water even as brushing tooth, and washing the dishes within the device in place of via hand. make certain, even a small water saving shall be efficient.


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