The End of the Iceberg: A Few Individuals Who Died From Stuck Coronavirus At The Same Time As Towards Vaccination

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Once the smallpox vaccine was discovered, opponents of the vaccine claimed that a new cow-human hybrid strain might emerge, but this vaccine stored tens of tens of millions of lives. the only factor that has changed lately is the advent of latest conspiracy stories.

to present an example; Aşık Veysel lost his eyesight due to smallpox and buried his THREE brothers because of sickness. Then Again, if he have been vaccinated, he wouldn’t have a depressing existence. Lately, the lives of individuals who’re no longer vaccinated due to corona and their household are getting darker.

an image shared by means of a physician. Dozens of unvaccinated young sufferers are in intensive care.

unvaccinated youth

that is how we lose 300 of our electorate on a daily basis and most of them are unvaccinated. we’re within the 4th wave, but the seriousness of the problem is still no longer understood.

A nurse in Canada additionally complains approximately this situation:

canada nurse

“A colleague of mine running within the in depth care unit the day past used to be branded a murderer by way of anti-vaccination warring parties.Here are a few individuals who fell victim to this example:

Lale Duran, according to her father, didn’t want to be vaccinated through being deceived by way of the anti-vaccine rhetoric on social media and died at a young age as a result of corona.


Her father, Sefer Duran, is in the sanatorium < strong>After EIGHT days of hospitalization she recovered from the illness, however sadly Lale could not be saved.

Teacher Hüsnü Mutlu, who made anti-vaccine posts on his social media account, also fell in poor health and died.

happy happy

It turned out that he addressed other folks as “guinea pigs” and “goods”.


Pharmacist Cemile Berra Tüfekçibaşı said, “COVID-19 vaccine kills after 2 years, do not get vaccinated!” died 1 week after announcing so.


“what number of people are left with no vaccine?” A Twitter consumer who shared the put up also died because of COVID-19.

anti-vaccine death

Hasan Feyzi Katöz, an orthopedic doctor in a personal medical institution, is among folks who succumbed to the coronavirus.


He was also one in all folks that didn’t get vaccinated.

Unfortunately, 3 unvaccinated folks from the same family died of coronavirus inside THREE days.

covid family death

Mustafa Altıntaş was 35 years antique, his mother Hamide Altıntaş was once 67 years antique, and his grandmother Ayşe Yılmaz was 84.

Doctor Kenan Alioğlu running in Kocaeli also suffered from COVID-19 He died at the hospital the place he used to be being treated.

Kenan Alioğlu

Despite her colleagues’ insistence, 43-yr-antique Alioğlu had not been vaccinated.

50-12 months-old Yılmaz Çiçek, who was a laboratory technician at Nevşehir State Medical Institution and did not get the vaccine, also died due to COVID-19.<>

indomitable flower

Unvaccinated physician Murat Tad mentioned to his shut circle “there is no illness, vaccine is an imperialist sport” earlier than he died as a result of illness.

murat tad

He used to be 49 years vintage.

Gynecologist İlhami Atılgan additionally did not decide to be vaccinated, Succumbed to COVID-19 at age FIFTY FIVE.

covid death

The nurse Kezban Gürsoy, who died due to the illness, used to be additionally a healthcare employee who did not need to be vaccinated.

kezban gürsoy

In 2021, COVID-19 handiest in Ankara 12 pregnant women died because of -19.These moms are younger mothers. All unvaccinated groups. Pregnant women will have to certainly be vaccinated. He warned that vaccination of pregnant girls does not result in any harm to their babies.

And sad examples like this are taking place in all places.

doctor night patients covid

covid vaccine pregnancy

Obviously, examples are observed in the world. Bob Enyart, a US radio host and pastor who referred to as it “, died of the similar result in.

conservative unvaccinated

Enyart has called for a vaccine boycott on her application.

Anti-vaccine nurse Olivia Guidry has yet to He was 24. He died of an illness he didn’t imagine in.

Finally, this He tweeted: “Am I the only one who thinks they are seeking to see how so much they can control us? we are a part of a social experiment.” “Corona exams are fake, do not do it to me.”

anti-vaccine tweets

The famous 36-year-antique YouTuber Brandon Ashur, who has 1.6 million followers, also died of COVID-19.

youtuber covid

In one in every of Ashur’s latest posts, that’s mentioned to have no vaccine “Please get vaccinated, you don’t need to enjoy this” he mentioned.

Caleb Wallace, who led the protests against coronavirus measures and masks within the U.S.A., died a month after he was once hospitalized because of coronavirus.


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Ahead Of her loss of life, Lydia Rodriguez, a FORTY TWO-12 months-old mom of four kids, who didn’t get vaccinated certainly one of his final words was, “Please get my youngsters vaccinated.”

lydia covid

Died along with her husband.

Some Other identical loss of life from america: Republican leader Pressley Stutts believed the masks was once an phantasm.

conspiracy theories vaccine

spreading conspiracy theories in regards to the coronavirus<> however died due to COVID-19.

A nightclub boss, who posted anti-vaccine posts on social media, additionally died as a result of coronavirus.

david parker

David Parker’s circle of relatives is pushing people to get vaccinated after the guy’s death.

Norwegian commune who denies the lifestyles of the illness plot theorist Hans Kristian Gaarder died of the virus after hosting illegal space events.

conspiracy theorist

58-12 months-antique Leslie Lawrenson idea that vaccines were experimental. She died at house after contracting the virus and underestimated her signs. <man who thinks vaccines are experimental

Radio and tv persona Dick Farrel, a proper-wing a ways-proper identified for his hostility to medical doctors who campaigned for vaccinations.

dick farrel

After being hospitalized, she modified her thoughts about vaccines and one among her ultimate phrases used to be “I wish I had it.” .

Stephen Harmon, 34, used to be making a laugh of vaccines on social media and believed that the power of religion could offer protection to him from disease.

regret for not getting vaccinated Dr.He spent his last days in the hospital looking to help others avoid the similar mistake. He was once no longer against vaccines, however was too skeptical.

Condolences from his followers remained.

tiktok user covid death

presently and what an Australian woman who regrets being anti-vaccine said:

australia anti-vaccine

“I Have observed a lot of Facebook posts saying that the delta version is a lie and exaggerated. So I’m in the clinic presently. I Am starting to lose wish for humanity. It broke me that he took it and allow it die.”

the folks in this picture also are unvaccinated folks combating for their lives in intensive care gadgets. Unfortunately, there are numerous examples like this. All that is just the end of the iceberg.

covid intensive care

even though you trap COVID-19, thanks to vaccines, you get over the disease slightly.According to this image shared by the Turkish Scientific Association, the lengthy-term effects of the illness are rather critical.

covid long term right here in detail.

the effects will also be harsh on children and teens besides. the variation between the CT scans of unvaccinated and vaccinated two youngsters:

vaccinated CT scan

A 4-yr-antique lady. His right aspect was paralyzed due to occlusion of the cerebral middle artery due to COVID-19. Despite extensive treatment, there may be little growth.

4 year old child covid paralysis

Moreover, no continual disease, she was once totally healthy earlier than her sickness.

How can an innocent individual in intensive care devices stuffed with unvaccinated folks be handled? a sad example of the way he minimize himself off from existence:

A 74-year-old man dwelling within the UNITED STATES died because the intensive care devices have been full of COVID-19 sufferers.While 38,964 of these people have been unvaccinated, the number of those vaccinated with a single dose used to be ELEVEN,677 and the quantity of these vaccinated with a double dose used to be 640. Created 2 of them. Additionally, according to the knowledge, the common age of totally vaccinated individuals who died from COVID-19 is 84.

In summary; we’re experiencing a deadly disease of the unvaccinated.

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