The Last Stop of Getir, which maintains to spread across the international at complete pace, is Spain

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Getir, that is one in every of the quickest rising tasks of our country, has elevated a great deal, particularly in the course of the pandemic procedure. We also shared with you that the company, which has multiplied its reduced in size establishments and services and products in this process, has elevated to Europe. on this context, the corporate, which we saw remaining time in Paris and Berlin, heralded its new stop in Europe. had up to now given. Having purchased BLOK , the fast grocery delivery application within the Spanish marketplace, Getir is now serving in several distinguished European cities.

Getir is now on the streets of Barcelona and Madrid:


With the mentioned transfer of the corporate together; as well as to many cities of britain, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin, the towns of Barcelona and Madrid had been brought. The investments of the corporate, which we see that it does not intend to take a break from increasing to the world, do not most effective quilt increasing to different international locations.

in addition, Getir, which has cooperated with n11 , certainly one of the prime e-commerce systems of our country, in the previous weeks. as well as, he signed a sponsorship settlement with Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. the company, which doesn’t prohibit its sports clubs to our us of a, backed Tottenham .


After Spain, the company’s eyes are actually on Italy and Portugal. except for this, Getir, which also desires to input the yank marketplace, could have began to serve in 9 international locations inside of 1 yr if its industry goes as planned. we will be intently following the movements of the corporate in 2022.

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