The Placement Isn’t So Heartwarming: NINETY SIX% of Turkey Says There Will Be Thirst In The Long Term

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The First Water Council, initiated via the

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to figure out quick, medium and lengthy-time period methods related to water, also discovered Turkey’s water usage conduct. .

In Keeping With the effects of the survey conducted through the Ministry in 26 provinces to figure out Turkey’s water intake habits, 96% of the respondents assume that ‘Serious measures have to be taken in order not to experience thirst within the long term’.

89% assume that there’ll be thirst in the long run


throughout the scope of the survey conducted with the participation of 1200 other folks from 26 other towns of Turkey, very stressful results have been received. In Line With the results of the survey, NINETY SIX% of the respondents agree that ‘Serious measures have to be taken to circumvent thirst in the future’, while 89% suppose that there may be thirst within the long term.

While31% of those surveyed who suppose that they listen to water conservation say ‘I am very cautious’, the remaining 52% say ‘I am somewhat careful’ mentioned. In Line With the survey, which revealed that the age vary of 40-45 is the most responsive to saving, folks dwelling within the Mediterranean and East and South East areas are extra inquisitive about water saving. He acts consciously.

 Crowded families, on the other hand, stand out through being more careful about water saving than small households.

Monthly reasonable water bill 88 TL


A questionnaire measuring and analyzing person and social sensitivities so as to figure out water consumption habits patterns; It obviously finds that the troubles and uneasiness about water intakedoes now not reflect on savings.

22% of the respondents admitted that they leave the water on while brushing enamel and 52% are washing arms. Again, 67% of the respondents said that they most well-liked this system with prewash in the washing machine, at the same time as 43 stated that they began the gadget sooner than it used to be absolutely loaded.

The per month average water bill made up our minds as a results of the survey is 88 TL.

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