The Professor, Who Started a ‘Does He Advocates Homosexuality’ Debate for Elidor’s Ad with Ebrar Karakurt, Reacted on Twitter

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Elidor launched its new commercial film the other day. Choosing Ebrar Karakurt, who has made a name for himself together with his performance within the nationwide volleyball staff this year, as the face of the advertisement, Elidor won the attention it targeted with the video of the commercial campaign, which she started to feed on the social media in mid-August, and the campaign won nice acclaim.

As a part of Elidor’s ‘On Our Way’ marketing campaign, the commercial, which used to be broadcast with the slogan ‘I stated it may be’, was the subject of a great debate on Twitter. Communique professor and advertiser Ali Atıf Bir, first on his Instagram account and then on his Twitter account, “Is the worldwide brand Elidor protecting homosexuality? Does she problem conservative values? Are the prudent female brand managers from Bilkent, who run the Elidor, doing what the CHP is afraid to do? One didn’t overlook to add that they’re going to search for an answer to this query on their YouTube channel at the end of their submit and that we must always stay up for the next day.

because you recognize, women with short hair don’t use shampoo:

Ebrar Karakurt Elidor

After the effect of this submit One, ”A shampoo logo is among 20 players’ Why does make a choice the shortest haired person to play within the advertisement? @ElidorTurkiye He requested an issue similar to “For what function?” after which “Reinforce for sports activities”, Reinforce for the ladies’s motion”, “Strengthen for the loose person”, strengthen for the LGBT movement. ‘ started another poll.

Is there a necessity to search for an ideal mystery in the back of the advertising face of a countrywide athlete who has now not fallen off the agenda with his performance within the weeks, can all of those choices be right kind, is it flawed for any of them to be proper, there has been a lynching attempt against his sexual orientation in the earlier weeks. What does it do to turn a lady into a ‘discussion’ material on this topic once more, don’t ladies with brief hair use shampoo, while the promoting coverage of brands, particularly on ladies, has incorporated such an method for a long time, or a minimum of it does so? there has been no extend on Twitter relating to this agenda, the place we could ask many ‘counter questions’ reminiscent of how right it is to regard it as one thing new whilst trying it.

some of the reactions and feedback won, RT some of them and recommend a certain aspect of view in this factor. Stating that ‘he isn’t homophobic, he doesn’t name the advert bad, this is not a PR for him’ in his responses to the reactions. One must have overpassed that the dialogue he created would not best stay as a ‘dialogue’, particularly in a medium like Twitter, and that a huge target market waiting to be lynched may once again react to Ebrar Karakurt over ‘homosexuality’.

One on Twitter’ Some responses to the questions of

in accordance with Ali Atif Bir’s reactions zi answers…


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