Thodex Raid in Albania: A Person Hiding Founder Faruk Fatih Özer Arrested

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Sadly, fraud occasions are often seen in our united states. the advance of era and the fact that malicious folks use this creating era to change their methods ceaselessly make it difficult to forestall these fraudulent events. As an instance, we will display that scams that were revamped the telephone or SMS in the past are seen more in the virtual world today.

These incidents, which happened from time to time with eyewash and from time to time with attacks, are the most recent in our country. It came to the fore with the crypto money exchange referred to as >Thodex . Whilst the founding father of the mentioned alternate, Faruk Fatih Özer, disappeared with the cash he earned, he discovered himself on the u . s .’s such a lot sought after listing -with a red notice-. Now, we are right here with a construction in the research opened towards him.

a person who aided and abetted Özer was once arrested:

Faruk Fatih Özer

After Özer’s disappearance, the ongoing investigations ship teams to Albania

strong> added. Right Here, the groups detained E.H.who was helping Özer. A citizen of Albania, E.H. in keeping with the news of İHA, he did not talk in the police investigation and did not settle for the accusations. On top of that, he said that he did not recognize Fatih Özer, so he didn’t assist this type of person.

But in keeping with the information, the police had a lot of evidence that EH was once the person helping Özer. >. After his research, EH used to be placed in jail.

What took place?


Thodex, which was once the third biggest cryptocurrency exchange in our u . s . a . at the time it used to be energetic, allows investors to switch or withdraw cash. It came to the fore when he had problems all over his transactions. At this element, the investors, who concept that the stock market went down, began to reluctantly take into account the development when the founding father of the inventory market, Faruk Fatih Özer, closed his social media bills and fled in another country. It used to be said that he made this get away with $ 2 billion, however later Minister of the inner Süleyman Soylu mentioned that this amount was $108 million. The investigation into the incident continues to be ongoing. we can be retaining you knowledgeable of the traits.

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