Traumatic Commentary Regarding Development Crisis: We Can Lay SIX HUNDRED Thousand Other Folks

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In a content we shared with you ultimate week, we mentioned that the development trade in Turkey has come to a standstill. since the Confederation of Development Contractors (IMKON) made up our minds to forestall all constructions so as to protest the rising cement prices and said that this procedure might continue till September 24. Now, a brand new and quite demanding remark has come on the matter.

Confederation of Construction Contractors (IMKON) President Tahir Tellioğlu stated that the protest they started It was once mentioned that if there is no response, employees can be fired. Stating that there are 1.2 million staff running in building, Tellioğlu said that a minimum of 600,000 of them are in peril of being unemployed. Tellioğlu seems not to be sure that the federal government’s choice to decelerate exports will decrease cement prices.

the bulk of contractors are bearing in mind layoffs


the following statements have been integrated within the statements made by means of Tahir Tellioğlu ; “There is no way we will do the buildings with 200 % increased cement prices. on the finish of 15 days, perhaps we will extend this era for one more 15 days and build up the work stoppage to at least one month. We idea what are we able to do if we do not get results. many of our buddies are dismissing workers. If the protest period ends and prices nonetheless haven’t dropped, we may have to lay off no less than part of the 1.2 million employees who’re engaged on the development of our contractors who toughen the protests, or round SIX HUNDRED,000 workers.”.

The Turkish Contractors’ Affiliation (TMB) followed a stance that did not comply with IMKON’s resolution and made up our minds to continue construction. Speaking about this choice, Tahir Tellioğlu stated, “TMB most commonly offers business to the state and in another country. a ONE HUNDRED-member union. we are loads of lots of contractors. Huge contractors get a value difference from the federal government and keep away from losses. we do not have any such chance. the reality that they are saying that cement costs, that have greater via TWO HUNDRED %, have higher via 85 p.c, is also inconsistent with the truth.”

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