Turning Needs into Luxurious: How Many TL Do You’ve Gotten to Pay In Keeping With Year Even Supposing You By No Means Use Your Automobile?

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Although the most important expenses of car homeowners are the cost they make during the buying procedure, different bills are also very pricey. vehicle bills; Legal bills can also be categorised as running prices and maintenance prices. the yearly prices of the automobiles are briefly as follows:

Prison payments

Motor Vehicles Tax Inspection Obligatory Site Visitors Insurance Motor Insurance

Utilization costs

Gasoline intake Parking fee Bridge and highway use

Upkeep costs

Periodic repairs Washing and other cosmetic treatments Tire alternative

Those prices vary in line with various factors equivalent to age, engine, driver. we’re in line with a 2015 Seat Leon 1.2 TSI DSG type automotive and calculated the common annual price.


even if you never use your vehicle, you’ve got to pay the obligatory traffic insurance, automobile tax and inspection price. Optionally, you can also have an insurance plans.


Obligatory traffic insurance is made each yr.

Prices are determined in line with the device which includes 7 steps underneath the name of “no injury degree”. The 4th tier is the tier of those who will be at the highway for the first time, which does not include top class will increase and reductions. once a year without any injury, it will increase through one degree, reaching ranges 5-6 and seven.

a certain discount is carried out to drivers at this stage go out. Drivers with no damage go as much as tier 7 and get the highest bargain. these types of discounts are decided in step with the 4th step. for each 12 months through which the wear is completed, the level is diminished to the first degree. If this harm is material, one degree is descended; if an coincidence concerning demise or injury, steps are descended.

Let’s use İzmir as an instance town, as it also differs in line with towns.

1st stage fee: 3,834 TL 4th degree charge: 1,534 TL 7th level price: 844 TL

Insurance Coverage prices can range greatly depending on the emblem, model and injury state of affairs.


Casco even though it is on a voluntary foundation, it’s recommended to have it performed after the accident as it covers the price of the car and gives assurance.

In 2021, it is 733 TL for automobiles with an engine capacity of 1.2 in the age vary of four-6 years. If the auto is among 1-3 years antique and has 1.601-1.800 engine displacement, you’ve got to pay 3.234 TL yearly. (If the car’s first registration date is before 01.01.2018)

Mandatory visitors inspection (TÜVTÜRK) costs for passenger automobiles in 2021 372.88 TL is . Passenger cars go through their first inspection THREE years when they are positioned into use. After the primary THREE years, they need to be examined each 2 years. For this reason, the inspection charge of the vehicle should be divided into and delivered to the costs of the related years. In other phrases, it prices 136.FORTY FOUR TL per 12 months.

Vehicle inspection rate, relies at the nature of the vehicle. in this context, the inspection charge according to car sorts is as follows:

372.88 TL for vehicles, vehicles, minibuses, trailers or semi-trailers 462.56 TL for vans, buses, tankers and tow trucks 189.98 TL for tractors and motorcycles

So, in keeping with these calculations, how so much does Seat value once a year?

seat leon

Casco: 1.500-FOUR.500 TL (let’s consider on average THREE.000 TL.) Necessary Traffic Insurance: 844- 3,834 TL (average 2,339 TL for İzmir) Motorcars Tax: 733-3,234 TL (THE SIZE is actually wider, but if we take the typical, it costs 1,984 TL.) Inspection: 136,FORTY FOUR TL (For Automobile)

Annual value incurred for our base Seat: 3,213 TL

Average cost making an allowance for the location of other automobiles and drivers: 7,460 TL< /strong>

Age, As An Example, a Şahin’s tax may also be diminished to TWO HUNDRED TL, because it varies in keeping with the engine volume and the worth of the car. you’ll evaluate the details here.

even though we don’t get started the auto, the once a year price is 7,460 TL on average.

So what is your moderate annual price?

car expenses

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