Victory of Employees: Brushed Aside Workers at Xiaomi’s Salcomp Manufacturing Facility in Turkey Shall Be Reemployed

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The Ones of you needless to say the news we wrote a couple of weeks in the past of the workers who rebelled towards low wages and poor working prerequisites in the first manufacturing facility of Xiaomi opened in Turkey Salcomp and were fired in go back. might be. listed below are those 100 factory staff fired for being unionized; After days of resistance, successful.

Turkish Steel Manufacturing Facility and Chinese Language-capitalized Xiaomi and their partner Salcomp managers, an settlement used to be reached on the end of the meeting.

Brush Aside because they’re participants of the Türk Metal union, all staff can be reinstated:

Salcomp Turkey factory

Whilst enjoying the happiness of returning manufacturing unit employees to their jobs, Turkish Metal Union Istanbul No. 1 Branch President Mehmet Ali Akman, announced the textual content of the agreement despatched via Pevrul Kavlak, Chairman of the union. in step with the text, the employer will reemploy all staff who were brushed aside as a result of their club in Türk Steel. it is also a few of the data that the corporate executives’ legal professionals and union managers will grasp a gathering on September 21 and the reemployment conditions will likely be mentioned.

“you’ve exercised your right to unionize”

Resisting workers

Pricey brothers, my dear sisters, my dear sisters, courageous infantrymen of Türk Metal, hello to all of us, my pricey brothers, You used the appropriate to unionize, that’s a right granted to all employees by means of the charter, laws and international conventions of our country.

” For a extra humane existence… For a better wage and social rights… Your vaccine… Your bread… You changed into a member of Türk Steel in your sweat. there have been some difficulties, but My pricey fellows, After our meeting with the Salcomp Xiaomi supplier on September 15, 2021, the prerequisites we introduced for the agreement have been common via the supplier nowadays, he said. h2>


Tuesday After the agreement is reached, the part of 750 TL, which has no longer been given yet, of the meals support of 1000 TL that was once promised to be given by means of the union to the employees who are participants of the Turkish Steel Union, will be given at once on Thursday.

 as well as to this help, the union also supplies its members who’re fired from their process for every day they are unemployedrong> will make a give a boost to fee of ONE HUNDRED TL.

“This victory is your victory “

Resisting union members

The union described the victory of the employees who’re its individuals, announcing, “My pricey brothers, that is a victory… This victory is your victory… you put an example for the operating class of Turkey, you turned into desire. .. I congratulate you for your resistance and your fight. Welcome to Türk Steel… From now on, we are all together. we’re hand in hand… we’re heartfelt… I embody you with love… I be offering my highest regards. “He congratulated.

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