We Cannot Consider Bees Too: 63 Endangered Penguins Killed by means of Bees

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In a press release made via the federal government-run South African National Parks (SANParks), it used to be announced that >SIXTY THREE penguin lifeless have been found in the penguin herd in Simonstown, approximately 40 kilometers from Cape Town, on Friday morning.

A Gaggle of mavens, veterinarians and officers from SANParks and Cape The Town has launched an research into the dying of endangered African penguins. As a results of the investigations, it was once discovered that the penguins may have been attacked by means of bees among Thursday evening and Friday morning.

the reason behind the bees attacking the penguins is also the dwindling meals tools


it is usually the place the penguins die Pointing Out that they came upon dozens of bee useless, the government stated that they found greater than one bee sting at the penguins’ dead bodies. As a results of the researches, it was once discovered that the bees attacking the penguins were the honey bee swarm. He said that he might really feel endangered and therefore attack different animals in his atmosphere.

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