We requested THREE youth who had been stuck in the brain drain: Why did you leave us, what did you locate where you went?

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DIFFERENT NEWS – Turkey’s agenda is more extreme than it has ever been, particularly within the final 10 years, and this depth is expanding yearly. With the impact of this situation, sadly, we began to lose well-educated folks to developed nations easily. the current migration wave is very different from the exertions migration within the 50s; now principally individuals with a top degree of education are leaving our country unexpectedly.

So for what purposes do our brightest minds move out of the country? What are the advantages and drawbacks of dwelling there? Do they encounter racism? Do they leave out Turkey? We asked all of them and more. The responses we have won are slightly impressive.

this type of tweets has been coming your method incessantly in recent years. to those who fled the country.

brain drain

they appear relatively glad as they think they will lead a more well-off lifestyles.

engineer migration

So what may the teenagers who tweet like this be experiencing in the ones international locations? Right Here we requested THREE children who experienced these, they usually without a doubt informed what they felt and saw.


Our first visitor is 23 yr vintage Fatmanur Aleyna Özcan.

Allow’s listen to her impressions, feelings and thoughts:


Hi! I’m Aleyna. I’m an aerospace engineer. As an issue of fact, I graduated handiest 2 months in the past, it is extra proper to say a fresh engineer. I Am recently engaged on a venture on surprise waves and turbulent flows as a trainee researcher on the Aerodynamics Institute of RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany.

I graduated on July 1st, and went to Germany on July 2nd. I got here and commenced my internship. Frankly, I Did Not need to wait even a day. I completed my undergraduate education at Samsun College. At The Same Time As I Was saving cash to come back out of the country in a mountain lodge in Şirince, İzmir in the course of the Corona length, I wrote my commencement thesis and finished my final 12 months.

I knew that i wanted to move for an excessively long time. It used to be getting harder and more difficult to get an excellent training, and this need was once increasing day by means of day as I noticed inequalities, injustices and financial issues. Discrimination among other folks had greater such a lot that we stopped even doing the subject and began to see it as a normal lifestyle, did reputation weigh on us after an extended battle?

Agnes Varda has a announcing that i really like: i attempted, but i guess I Was too rebellious.” i have been being affected by these issues as long as i will be able to remember that, however i feel I Was very rebellious and this disapproval and rebel in me saved its warmth and even made me unable to respire.

I’m in love with its land, nature, air, seasons, culture and sea. Then Again, those have been now not sufficient, on the contrary, we had been consuming them one via one and watching their disappearance in front of our eyes on newspapers, social media or television each day – of course, it used to be very difficult to achieve real data now. i needed to breathe. I Was uninterested in hearing phrases while strolling on the street because of a shorts I Used To Be dressed in, of now not being able to broadcast my emotions freely, of answering my telephone each day in concern and studying all those terrible information.

Like everyone else, i needed an even long run for myself. i discovered myself suffering from the problems of survival and being one thing that my peers living in different countries didn’t even recall to mind. .

Before we had our personal aircraft or space agency yet, I Was learning aerospace engineering and looking to strengthen myself with none instruments. RWTH Aachen is a college regarded as the Harvard of engineering in Europe. I especially wanted to take a look at, learn and support myself in a spot the place the principles of the aviation industry have been laid.

It used to be difficult to win and come here. People around me will approve, i have been attempting for years without exaggeration. Economic System has all the time been a problem for me. However, i needed it such a lot and was interested in leaving that I took my bag on my again and got here as soon as I graduated, in all probability through the so much economically inhospitable period.

Are Turks noticed as 2nd-magnificence electorate there? Is there racism or exclusion? if that is so, is it performed to other nations, or simply to Turks?


After All, now not the whole lot is rosy right here both, sadly. Being Turkish is a large disadvantage at positive points. there is a big Turkish community right here and it is not well remembered in the historic revel in of the people.

in the nineteenth century, there are still individuals who think Turkey is a village. some of probably the most unexpected and frequently requested questions i am getting are; “Did I run away here as a result of my parents attempted to drive me into marriage?”, “Do they no longer mind my training?”, “Was I closed in my u . s .?” silly questions like (I Am announcing that as though these items don’t in point of fact occur in our world? Oh humanity!).

To be truthful, getting those questions drove me crazy to start with. i couldn’t keep up with the answer, talking hotly about the fact, seeking to give an explanation for our life to them, however then I were given drained. The day i spotted that i may no longer find the strength to tell the entire of Europe, I gave up this struggle. “Don’t you ever take heed to the news? Do Not you already know about the global?”

The sentence “Perhaps the whole thing will likely be k when you join the european Union”! i’ve the same anger with this sentence as Fatih Akın. i’ve witnessed time and again that people’s perspectives amendment with the answer of “Turkey” within the “the place do you come back from” part of the sentence by means of having a heat dialog with other folks. that is something you usually revel in with center-elderly and older other people, teenagers do not even blame this type of nonsense.

Racism is one in all the biggest issues being fought here.

i will experience a mystery sequencing between the races. Turks, Indians, Poles and Asians clearly often take the lead if a racial underclass is to be observed, but i truly suppose it’s something historical past has subconsciously permeated.

it’s very arduous to be mistreated. The police are very delicate on this issue, and so are the folks, even supposing any person sees racism, I even noticed individuals who stopped that particular person and known as the police. To shaggy dog story, to belittle… i do not realize, i believe that people are valuable right here they usually work flat out to nurture this belief. There are banners and protests far and wide, there are marches from time to time, and plenty of orders are re-established here.

within the city the place I live, the municipality hung the LGBT flag over the church. I enjoy. i think there may be still an extended method to hang the LGBT flag for Turkey anywhere.

My colleagues are very type and useful to me, I do not see any discrimination. i’ve forgotten such a lot that I Am continuously stunned to be treated like a human being.

they do not allow you to work for even a minute longer, and when you work, you get rewarded.

I worked in many eating places, inns and companies in Turkey, and so much of them had been somewhat famous, massive and smartly-recognized ones. But despite them, there have been such a lot of games going on at the back of the curtain and the way they would screw people up and how they’d make the most of what, I Used To Be surprised to see the transparency here. you settle to eight hours and paintings no less than 12 hours, that is an unwritten rule. They neither make insurance nor can you carry your voice, after all… Turkey…

a spot where I work 2-THREE days every week has taken out from my accident insurance coverage to my legal responsibility insurance, and they give me my insurance documents and say, “they are able to get insurance and get cash. fee, we made you do it.” Insurance Coverage? Assurance? Don’t do it, I Am Not used to such things. Say, “We Do Not do insurance, however we will pay you this much if you happen to do not shut up.” oh ah! The venues are inspected incessantly, the principles are very clear. no person is sorry, should you do not comply, you will likely be punished. As you’ll see, uncles, uncles and deputies are dysfunctional here.

Also, there are so many other people from different countries living right here that it is common to be different right here, i love it.

i do not even need to mention the economy. When I first arrived, I Used To Be surprised to look those little numbers. 0.60, 1.29, 2.35… Now they start to mention pricey while they begin to exceed 3 Euros, you’re thinking that approximately it.

After All, I had simply come from Turkey at the starting and i could not forestall my addiction of multiplying the whole thing through 10 for a while, however then right here I Am. i began operating in a pizzeria and being able to fill a large grocery bag as much as i needed via operating most effective 3-FOUR hours soon glad me. I Am nonetheless surprised on a daily basis on the idea that i can succeed in alcohol costs, the bills I pay for whilst I sit down and consume, and the footwear or garments of famous manufacturers with one day’s paintings. might you continue to are living there?


Might I Am Going back if Turkey was a spot i wished? As quickly as I hear this query, i feel like pronouncing “of course”, however it feels so utopian that i am afraid whilst I say “yes”.

With everything very different, although it’s been 2 months, there are a lot of items I pass over but… My thoughts is frightened of dreaming, I Am sorry. i will say “yes” and keep away from this query.

How is your social circle? Are you placing out with Turks again or with a local of that u . s .? Do you are feeling lonely?

I’m very satisfied with my social atmosphere. we are just like the United Nations. You’ll Be Able To make pals from each and every united states of america and culture. Existence here is really easy for youth. Going out, having amusing, going to events, touring is as standard as residing for them. I Am still looking to fit in.

There are hundreds of people who are 6-7 years older than me and nonetheless of their 2d or third year of college even supposing I Am 23 years antique. i believe sorry for us again while I see how tension free and at ease they are. How briefly we have now grown! we will virtually disregard that we are younger… they’re just having their second. I’m trying to discover ways to be a more well-off person, i feel it will be extra correct to say that I Am finding out to be more youthful than them. Honestly, placing out with Turks has never been my priority, as an issue of reality, i don’t have this kind of score for any race, however i believe that making friends with people from different races and cultures feeds me here. there is a large Turkish community here.

they’re closed in on themselves. they have got their own streets and avenues. Such A Lot of them did not even be informed German, despite the fact that they have been born here. they are famous for their antisociality. they do not leave right here, nor do they prefer it here. Love for Turkey is of their language, they believe that the whole lot is rosy in Turkey. i will be able to’t stand them. get back then bro! in truth, i do not speak so much Turkish outside so much of the time. Frankly, i do not need to be known by means of Turkish circles. There are Turks around me, however they are open-minded and self-developed Turks. in general, the ones around me are international; German, Spanish, Italian, French and Greek.

What concerning the things you needed to go away at the back of? your loved ones, friends, place of origin? How does it feel?


The issues I needed to leave at the back of… I Did Not think it will be this tough. After crossing the border, it takes time to appreciate the lots of kilometers in among. I’ve all the time been separated from my family for a very long time, either for education or other reasons, however i believe I Used To Be nonetheless available in the market somewhere, inside succeed in.

What if one thing occurs to my mom? Father, brother? my favorites? However frankly, we are in a lucky age in these issues, i think relieved that they’re one plane away from me.

when you first arrive, you start from scratch. you’ve got no one, you relearn many things, even while you can’t take into account that when you learned them in your home u . s .. I miss my buddies very much, i believe we discovered rather well in Turkey to be united and be a strength to each different below difficult stipulations. So Much of my buddies are scattered all over the place the arena right now. I need to display them the pretty puts I Have noticed and dance with them to the similar tune. For now, i hope and want that we can meet in excellent days.

Is the problems reminiscent of place of abode allow, language learning, edition, getting citizenship too difficult?

brain drain germany

Ah, residence allow and all other paperwork jobs! It took me an entire month. Germany is still a ways in the back of in this regard, on account of the large collection of elderly folks.

They love paperwork, mailboxes and letters. Making an appointment, waiting, taking that report from position to position… It takes time, but everyone could be very disciplined, there is not anything to be frightened of when you follow the foundations.

Language has never been tough for me. You’ll Be Able To do the rest with English. Everyone from the elderly to the 5 12 months vintage speaks very good English. My language direction has just began, it’s an excessively simple language to apply, it is now not an issue. although i do not speak German, I work in a famous pizzeria and talk English with guests; no one is a problem, they’re understanding and help.

Which matter do you’re feeling most wealthy approximately?

Clearly, i feel such a lot filthy rich in phrases of monetary and intellectual freedom. i love having the ability to do what i need with out being judged. it’s peaceful to peer couples kissing on the streets, homosexual enthusiasts walking with their babies, children partying on the grass. Buying a case of beer is affordable… You owe this early life reasonable beer!

What do you think is the most vital drawback in Turkey?

turkey germany

i think the most important drawback of Turkey is that it doesn’t hearken to its teens and tells them make lifestyles miserable.

Not only young people; I mean, in fact, living minds which can be no longer demented or blinded. 🙂

Are you still uncovered to Turkey’s time table regardless of being in another us of a? Do you care about what is taking place in the u . s .?

it’s not possible for Turkey to depart my agenda. A; It’s my fatherland, i will be able to by no means depart it in the back of. My family members live there; my creatures, my forests, my mountains, my seas… Two; Turkey is my identity, leaving it in the back of could be leaving my essence. I Was devastated via forest fires. each day i wanted to jump on a aircraft and visit lend a hand; i could not sleep at night, my phone in my hand, my laptop, my eyes have been repeatedly on the news. And the entire different things I still stand for and protect, not anything has modified; it is going to have modified in my lifestyles, however Turkey shall be my schedule and result in until I die.

In Any Case, is there the rest you need to talk about specifically?

In The End, I Would like to finish with the phrases of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar: “Turkey doesn’t permit its kids to be busy with the rest however themselves.”

Our 2nd guest, Eren Algan, has an excellent career.

Allow me let you know a little bit approximately my resume. In 2003, I Used To Be entitled to enter Bilkent School Computer Engineering Department with a scholarship. After graduating in 2007, i started my master’s degree within the same department. At the similar time, I were given a task at a defense trade company in METU Technopolis.

within the last yr of my master’s level, I left my process and went to Vienna with ERASMUS and endured my training there for approximately 9 months. After returning to Vienna and dealing for a safeguard business company for roughly 2 years, thanks to a chum of mine, I discovered that Microsoft was once coming to Turkey to make purchases and that i carried out for an interview. Proper after my application was once prevalent, I prepared for Microsoft’s technical interviews for approximately 15 days. After an extended interview process, that moment whilst I realized that Microsoft was going to offer me was once one in every of the happiest moments of my existence. I even remember that hugging the human tools personnel who gave the news with happiness.

After waiting for visa techniques and dealing in Turkey somewhat more, at the finish of 2012, my spouse and that i moved to Seattle and worked as a software engineer in different departments of Microsoft for approximately FOUR years. I labored.

That’s precisely why i wished to transport to a unique corporate and support myself by gaining new achievements.

In 2016, I got an offer from UBER and that i had an excellent 5-year operating lifestyles where i may add inventions to my box. In April 2021, I gained a suggestion from Facebook (Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/Oculus merchandise below the umbrella of Facebook corporate) for the position of professional device engineer and i’ve been working at Facebook for roughly FIVE months.

Are Turks observed as 2nd-elegance voters there? Is there racism or exclusion? if that is so, is it done to different international locations, or simply to Turks?


Seattle is one in every of The Yank towns that gets international immigration intensively. way to this immigration initiated via Boeing and endured by way of Amazon and Microsoft, this town is a town that is very warm to different cultures and the place racism is welcomed in each box.

The Turks are unquestionably now not noticed as 2d-elegance voters here.

in the first years I came to Microsoft, an excessively prime stage Chinese Language manager referred to as me and asked if I had friends as opposed to Turkey and if they may just paintings for Microsoft. When I requested why he wanted this, he told me how excellent engineers the Turks are and wanted to consult the buddies I Would provide him his CV. From the parable, i feel we now have a good have an effect on right here, and Turks are observed as accountable, excellent engineers in massive corporations.

Permit me let you know about another reminiscence I had at the ferry whilst I went camping with my pals very recently. Noticing that we speak a distinct language among ourselves, an American came to us together with his wife and requested, “Which language do you talk?” mentioned. when we mentioned it was Turkish, they stated what a fantastic phonetic the language had and asked us questions on Turkish and Turkey. We met again a couple of mins later, he said “Hi” to us. He right away known as me on the phone asking how to mention “Hello” in Turkish, got here and greeted us and our conversation deepened even more. briefly, there may be a other folks here who check out to learn about different cultures rather than being frightened of them.

If Turkey turned into a spot you sought after, could you return or might you continue to proceed to live there?

I’m Going To for sure be back.

it is glaring that there are many issues, however we are the individuals who will resolve them. we can convey our usa to the extent we need to are living without falling into despair. I’m mindful that it is a troublesome combat, but we can start solving this downside by means of changing the perspectives of the folks around us. on this duration when university tests had been announced lately, i locate it very wrong for my younger buddies to be pessimistic and give up hope for the long run. There are many possibilities to combine with the sector (web :)) and to reduce the unintended effects of the geography we are living in.

How is your social circle? Are you hanging out with Turks again or with a local of that u . s .? Do you are feeling lonely?

abd migration

we’ve got a super social circle in Seattle. With the crowd of buddies now we have shaped over the years, we come in combination a minimum of 3-FOUR days every week, drink tea and chat. Additionally, because i love taking part in FIFA, I gather buddies and prepare FIFA nights.

Having the same heritage, equivalent adolescence reminiscences, being from the same culture creates a special intensity among pals. Even Supposing I experience meeting my international buddies, the depth I enjoy with Turkish buddies is on a unique degree. i do not feel lonely except for the eager for family as a result of i believe i’ve friends with whom i will be able to spend high quality time.

What approximately what you needed to go away at the back of? your family, buddies, place of origin? How does it feel?

because the years move and we all grow older, one starts to appreciate how treasured time is. in this context, being clear of my circle of relatives is an issue that i’ve felt more empty in contemporary years. For this, through the Covid duration, I had the chance to paintings from Turkey for about 7 months, taking permission from my earlier company. Being with my circle of relatives and being a part of their daily life for a while felt excellent for me. in the near future, I want to pursue such possibilities and turn to a trade style the place i can work from Turkey for a very long time.

Is the problems equivalent to residence allow, language learning, adaptation, getting citizenship too difficult?

Microsoft brought me to Seattle with a visa known as H1B, and all the visa-similar problems had been resolved by the company’s legal professionals.

My Indian or Chinese Language buddies had been waiting for the golf green Card process for more than 10 years and I Was capable of get my permission even earlier than my European (Italian, French) friends. The citizenship procedure begins about FIVE years after receiving the fairway Card and can be got with an effortless utility and examination. on the whole, it is a time-consuming process, but it surely is very handy for the legal professionals of huge corporations to control the method.

Which subject do you are feeling such a lot wealthy approximately?

Micro stresses. Permit me provide an explanation for just a little: Each interplay is a stress consider Turkey. Allow’s speak about a regimen and uneventful event wherein you attempt to get a job performed in a public establishment by taking break day from work. 🙂

you probably did a couple of somersaults together with your manager to get permission, and also you’re out, looking ahead to a taxi. The taxi isn’t coming. You puzzled if I must pass by bus, but since the bus times never sustain, you might be taking into consideration taking a taxi once more in order that it will likely be quicker. You think of searching for the station number and you search Google for “taxi stands near me”.

“Is there a taxi stand local?” The brother you requested issues to a point in front of you with out even looking at you.

you already know that there’s a taxi rank in front of you and you stroll in opposition to it. A brother is reading a newspaper at the taxi stand. you say you’ll take a taxi, take a seat, he says it’s going to are available in 2 minutes. you might be sitting. A taxi arrives 15 minutes later, you get on. The taxi driver stated, “Can I smoke?” he asks. You intentionally say no to that triple face you get whilst you say no. The taxi motive force, who is wired as a result of he can’t smoke, makes maneuvers that convey your middle in your mouth dozens of instances.

You arrive on the public institution, you might be hopeful since you have an appointment. You run up the steps and any other older brother will give you an appointment number. 151. “I had a date though?”. He says, “Everybody has an appointment, brother, it comes rapid,” and dismisses you. You stroll in and take a seat, a lot of questions immediately seem for your thoughts: “What does this 151 mean? what number of minutes will i have to wait? I had an appointment at 11, it is 11. 🙁 i am hoping I may not stay for lunch.” It Is ELEVEN:30, it is 1 person in entrance of you. In Any Case, it is your turn.

You go to the counter, an unhappy and upset girl says to you, “The gadget is broken.”

“However i’ve been off work, a lot of my time can be wasted now, will i’ve to stand in line while I get back?” you make the mistake of asking. the answer comes, “Line out of doors at noon, you may be picked up in that order.” Thank God this time the taxis are in line in front of the construction and also you would possibly not need to deal with the supermarket. Your hours are wasted, you timidly inform your manager that you’ll’t get your paintings done and that you have got to move again. “Write permission,” he says. you notice how your holiday lets in, which you wish to use for your holiday in Kaş, are burned for the sake of a “system”. These emotions don’t appear foreign because you’re used to them. you are saying “K, thank you” and cross about your small business without thinking much.

in fact, such micro-stresses and the shortcoming to devise in advance in line with those stresses with out realizing it (which we get used to through the years) have an effect on us as macro stresses and age us. On A Regular Basis issues like this are much more minimum the place I live. That Is why i believe younger.

What do you’re thinking that is Turkey’s most vital problem?

turkey's problems

Justice and benefit.

Allow me speak about my concept. it’s the top 10% individuals of that united states of america (we will be able to call this crew the human capital of the society) that permit each united states of america to move ahead. the simpler your best 10% educated individuals are, the simpler us of a you’ll transform. Considering That America is familiar with that its personal folks is not going to be sufficient for this, it invitations probably the most successful other people in numerous professions from everywhere the arena to its own u . s . by way of promising advantage and justice and reinforces its human capital. thanks to this human capital, new concepts are born, new markets are opened and the sector is progressing. A just and unworthy society erodes human capital. A society that erodes its human capital is doomed to lose.

Are you continue to uncovered to Turkey’s schedule despite being in every other united states of america? Do you care approximately what’s happening within the u . s . a .?

I’m energetic on Twitter as a reader, so I’m uncovered. Then Again, when you consider that it is a extremely polarized society, I care concerning the views of either side. That Is why i’ve news sources that feed on each side. Of Course, I care about what is going down in my country, but I don’t approach things from a political element of view.

Remote operating via touring (virtual jobs comparable to freelance software, layout) referred to as virtual nomad (virtual nomad) is an excessively widespread lifestyle not too long ago.

Many skilled global people live in regions which are somewhat cheap but very rich in task. began to reside, and this development is becoming more and extra commonplace. Thailand (Phuket) is one of the puts the place this is most popular. i think Turkey is the perfect fit for this process. Antalya, particularly, is a gorgeous position with global-class actions (sea/nature/historical past) and the virtual nomad way of life to flourish.

If the Ministry of Tourism (and with the help of other ministries) makes this a priority with visas and ads, inventive works i think that many international people who do this will come to Antalya. i believe that the introduction of ingenious hubs like this may return to our country as new opportunities within the coming years.

Our third guest is 27-year-vintage Berk Capar, who moved to Germany (Munich) just 2 weeks in the past. He describes how the first weeks felt:

berk germany

I moved from Istanbul.

For the final 3.5 years, i have labored in an advertising era corporate in quite a lot of roles, such a lot not too long ago as a product manager.

Are Turks observed as second-elegance voters there? Is there racism or exclusion? if this is the case, is it performed to other international locations, or only to Turks?

Completely now not. Munich is a city the place folks from many different countries, together with Turks, live. this case was also reflected in the local community of the city and helped to ascertain the speculation that folks from different cultures enrich the town in each experience. in addition, they are very hooked in to doing the whole thing they can to assist you slot into the city and Germany with all sincerity.

If Turkey was once the place you wanted, may you come back or may you continue to live there? ?

although Turkey turns into the most livable united states in the world for me in every feel, it is a place where i’ve lived for 27 years in 3 different cities. Seeing other cultures and dwelling in different international locations was once a motivation that formed my need to transport as much because the state of the rustic, so I Am now not making a go back plan at this level.

How is your social atmosphere? Are you putting out with Turks once more or with a local of that united states of america? Do you are feeling lonely?

migration frenzy

i have only 1 family member from Turkey in Munich and we have not met him yet.

After All, it is inconceivable to create my social circle in Istanbul all of a unexpected for the reason that i have simply arrived right here, and taking into account this fact, loneliness is out of the query at this level.

Residency allow, language finding out, model, Did the issues equivalent to acquiring citizenship make it very tricky?

For now, I handiest have a residence and paintings permit. There are more than a few necessities and bureaucracy approximately visa software and what to do whilst coming right here, however all this used to be delightful to me, frankly. Shifting used to be something i needed for a very long time and that i used to envy just a little while gazing my pals who had performed those transactions earlier than. Now I’m happy it’s my flip. 🙂

Which matter do you’re feeling so much filthy rich about?

there’s a much more systemic understanding in both daily and working lifestyles in Germany. i will say that this was once the most comforting thing for me, particularly when compared to the chaos of Istanbul. This stability and systematicity is mirrored within the people dwelling here as happiness and positivity.

What do you think that is probably the most essential problem of Turkey?

türk human


This reflects so much in way of life. in addition, i can say that the population isn’t flippantly distributed to the towns, and subsequently, especially in Istanbul, there are more people than town can deal with, and urbanization reduces the quality of life. are you staying Do you care approximately what is happening in the usa?

When I Used To Be dwelling in Turkey, I Was following the schedule with all its main points, especially on YouTube and Twitter. regardless of the place you do that within the global, after a while best negative information begins to come out. After All, I care approximately what’s going on in the united states of america, but I made a promise to myself that i will best practice important tendencies for now.

This series of articles will proceed. in the event you were abroad, you’ll ship us the text of your solutions to the questions in the content and a photograph of you.

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