‘Weight Cheat’ Observation by means of TESK President: Weight is diminished, the product is sold at the comparable value

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The exorbitant costs observed in the markets have become the subject of great debate, especially in the previous couple of months. the products that are sold for greater than their worth and the goods whose weight isn’t decreased and the cost isn’t reduced are those that draw the most consideration in this regard. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made statements about this factor last week.

Making statements earlier than leaving for the U.s. of The Us Erdogan said that they would do away with the associated fee distinction in chain markets as quickly as imaginable, that they would proceed the inspections critically, and that he could even take care of this factor in person. Now, the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK) has made statements on the topic.

the load should be written in a way that the consumer can see and an ordinary have to be set in this regard:


The TESK of their comments on the subject Its Chairman, Bendevi Palandoken, drew attention especially to the products whose weight is decreased however whose price isn’t decreased. Pointing Out that citizens will have to do their own inspections and do not prolong in submitting a complaint with the Ministry of Trade, Palandöken’s statements are as follows:

“in many items, hidden hike is reflected to the citizens. Police groups perform inspections, however the citizen should first test his own worth and weight. We must be vigilant towards those unethical eventualities that in an instant affect the markets and our wallet. Our shopkeepers can not take any interference other than shopping for and promoting the goods. Despite this, there is a perception as if the products bought in the shopkeepers’ stores are being cheated on this manner. Care need to be taken in this regard while buying groceries at chain markets. However, with a legal law, the load of food merchandise must be written in a way that the patron can see. Weight standard need to be offered. even though the producer makes changes, it must reflect this to the shopper and to the costs.

It isn’t yet transparent what is going to be done in apply, but like this Chain markets that supply deceptive prices seem to have a hard time.

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