What Can A Throw A Automobile Do: Scratch and Impact Take A Look At for iPhone THIRTEEN

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within the September 14 event, the America (AMERICA)-based totally era giant Apple, next to the extremely expected new iPhone models; It also offered iPad, iPad mini and Apple Watch merchandise. Particularly within the iPhone 13 circle of relatives, we now have seen the enhancements made for the sturdiness of the telephone, corresponding to the ceramic defend, to boot as the inventions within the field of efficiency.

Now, the YouTube channel TechRAX gives pre-orders in our united states of america. Right Here we are with the robustness take a look at of the iPhone 13 Pro, which begins at SIXTEEN thousand TL. in the video where the telephone was scratched with a knife, a blow check used to be performed using a hammer. let’s examine how the consequences are together.

iPhone THIRTEEN family, to a definite extent, is rather solid; but when you go beyond that position…

Knife scratch test, the telephone’s ceramic shield turns out to paintings fairly well. in fact, we can’t say the similar for the edges. These portions are drawn relatively easily. The digicam phase is also no longer very resistant to scratches. For this reason why, if you have the risk to shop for a member of the iPhone THIRTEEN family, let us state that you just cannot raise pieces reminiscent of cash or keys within the similar pocket.

From right here on, 3 pounds (1,36 kg) weight of a hammer is dropped. This hammer, that’s left on the phone from a distance, does not impact on the ceramic defend, even though the peak will increase.

After that, the have an effect on test is started. The display is hammering ahead, and as much as some extent, the iPhone 13 Professional seems like it is going to come out alive again. Even after gentle blows, heavier blows are implemented to the telephone. But after a heavy blow, we see the iPhone THIRTEEN Pro’s monitor saying “good-bye“. With the blows that adopted, the telephone is like crumbs.

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