WHAT’S the computer we bought for 5400 TL three years in the past, how a lot does it price lately?

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The ever-expanding alternate charges and taxes proceed to annoy technology fans in our us of a. The already prime prices of pc components have risen to astronomical ranges as a result of the chip quandary and video card mining due to the pandemic. such a lot so that a mid-stage laptop, which was once collected three years in the past, can hardly be assembled these days, even for two times or even three times the fee.

We, as Webtekno, have 3 years in the past with the cheap of 5,400 TL. We amassed Intel-based totally laptop instances. you’ll get admission to our content material by clicking the link here and have a look at the details of the device. in this content material, we will take a look athow so much you can pay when you tried to buy the same systems we accumulated 3 years ago. if you consider your anxious device, we commence.

Word: Costs on 28 November 2018 within the first article, costs on 8 September 2021 within the 2d content according to. click on the products to peer the present worth sources.

As for the pix card, the associated fee has larger by way of approximately 6 occasions astronomically. of course, we won’t provide an explanation for this example simplest with the taxes in our u . s .. As A Result Of there is these days a shortage of portraits cards around the world, and prices in other international locations have doubled and even tripled the really useful gross sales prices of companies.

There are two major reasons for this scarcity of photos cards world wide. the primary of those is cryptocurrency miners, as you all recognize. Whilst gamers buy only one video card for his or her device, these folks we call miners arrange giant scraping techniques with bulk purchases. the second one reason for the dearth is manufacturing disrupted because of the pandemic and the semiconductor chip main issue that has began across the world. These semiconductor chips, which are used in each industry you’ll think of, also play a tremendous position within the production of pics playing cards. according to many big companies, the chip hindrance will likely be with us for no less than extra years.

How a lot is an identical system assembled with up-to-date hardware?

pc case

The parts within the above techniques are era from a few years in the past and it is lovely antique< in the /strong> state.

Now, we will take a look at the present value of a gadget that used to be with regards to or equivalent in price at the time it was presented with the above merchandise, however contains extra up-to-date parts.

Ahead Of we start, permit me state that just like the first content material, this checklist also comprises displays, keyboards. , mouse and different exterior hardware aren’t integrated.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 – $1,681 Show card: MSI GTX 1660 Ti VENTUS XS 6 GB OC – 6.892 TL Motherboard: MSI B550M Pro 4600 MHz (OC) – 698 TL RAM: Corsair 16 GB (8×2) Vengeance RGB Professional 3600 MHz – 1.006 TL SSD: Samsung 500GB 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD – 846 TL PSU: Thermaltake TR2 S 650W 80+ – 654 TL Case: MSI MAG Forge 100M – 479 TL Overall value: 12,256 TL

If we try to reassemble our gadget from three years in the past with an identical however extra up-to-date parts available on the market lately, it will be roughly 13,000 TL ‘srong> a price awaits us. this system will simply be sufficient to play many video games at 1080p answer and even higher settings as of late. While a gamer pc may also be bought, nowadays we will be able to unfortunately buy an analogous mid-level gamer laptop provided with more up-to-date portions for 12-THIRTEEN thousand TL band.

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