What’s Violence As A Human Behavior, What Types Are There?

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THE INSIDE TRACK of social, particular person, family, violence towards kids and ladies has transform an inseparable part of the ordinary schedule of Turkey. These information are increasing swiftly not only in our country, however in all places the sector. As humanity, we are inflicting more violence on one another with every passing day. As humanity, we do this since the use of violence is regarded as to be a scenario that best folks do.

we often think of the answer to the query of what is violence as causing bodily pain on the other celebration, however this is no longer the only resolution to violence. Even growing emotional states that make a person really feel dangerous is outlined as violence. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at the query of what is violence, perhaps considered one of the most important problems of our timeand search for the solution to why other folks do the sort of factor.


what is violence?

Violence in its most basic definition; it is all of the acts done towards a person or team and whose function is to hurt the life, assets and values ​​of that particular person or staff .It has been defined by way of the phrase ‘violence’ in English since the 19th century. In French and English, this phrase way to force someoneto make them do no matter what they would like and to hurt.

Turkish Language Institution defines the phrase violence as the degree of energy and drive to these who oppose it. using defines it as . Consistent With The World Health Organization, violence; It also refers to the power exerted by the individual on himself, as well as exerting physical and psychological drive on people and societies. the individual who doesn’t apply this power however acts as a mediator is also thought to be a offender of violence.

What are the types of violence?

violence Violence against ladies Violence against youngsters Violence against adolescence Violence towards the aged Violence between peers Violence between siblings Violence between shut partners Relationship violence Violence towards individuals with disabilities Violence in opposition to LGBT folks Violence in opposition to refugees Violence in opposition to healthcare workers Violence against oneself Violence towards living issues Violence against nature

Those varieties of violence are decided in step with the sufferers of violence.In Keeping With the perpetrators of violence, we will discuss a few basic varieties of violence. Violence leading to death Physically violence Sexual violence Suicide Terrorist Strike Revolution State terrorism Industrial violence War

In those violence classifications made via Interpol, we see that only folks or societies they don’t use violence. Employers and governments too can use violence towards the person. Struggle, which is noticed because the such a lot severe form of violence, defines the violence that states use towards one another.

What are the explanations for violence?

violence Lower of five-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the brain Build Up in Norepinephrine and L-dopa within the brain Limbic system issues Hormonal disorders Alcohol use Drug use Publicity to youth violence and witnessing Crowded living prerequisites Other social issues affecting the individual’s psychology Poverty Family restlessness Manic bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Paranoid issues Post-annoying tension disorder Delinquent character disorder Issues and medicine affecting the relevant frightened gadget

To make a subjective interpretation; none of these reasons justify one’s violence.Basically, it kind of feels that bothered other people are inclined to be violent.

Is there violence among animals?

wild animal

As humans, we see a constant state of violence when we watch animals from afar. Behaviors such as biting, smashingare observed as violence for us. On The Other Hand, when we consider the definition of violence, the primary reason behind the usage of violence is to put pressure on the other birthday party. Animals don’t behave this manner.

the main cause of violent habits in animals is nutrition and safeguard. The violent behavior of male animals to develop into a pace-setter or to mate with a feminine is instinctive. As humans, we can remedy this problem by means of voting or by speaking because we are human. Even Supposing there are exceptions, it’s conceivable to mention that violent habits in animals is other from people.

The Place does violence begin?


In some instances, even the culprit is unaware that they’re committing violence.However, even though the purpose of an easy comic story is to position power at the other birthday celebration, this situation is known as violence.

Verbal violence is the most important weapon of the trendy world. the modern man, who could not drag the lady by the hair, as in the cave length; he realized to make use of verbal violence tactics similar to humiliation, insulting, making you’re feeling worthless, manipulation. Likewise, because we do not struggle for leadership like animals, we use identical methods.

in fact, it’s conceivable to define violence as handiest damage. If we save you the other individual from meeting along with his pals, being a self-confident person, doing what he wants, being satisfied, being loose, getting a elevate, guffawing, this could be obviously outlined as violence.

Internet violence: Cyber ​​bullying.


>we will be able to assume that violent humanity, which has reached the loose international of the internet, now not beats or curses one another at the street, but freely stocks its thoughts.This type of violence, which has different definitions akin to cyberbullying and cyber violence, is practiced via virtual channels.

Consistent With UNICEF; Lying about an individual on social media, sharing embarrassing footage of a person, sending offensive messages, threatening, making offensive feedback on faux money owed are regarded as cyber violence. The sufferer of cyber violence may endure psychological, emotional and bodily harm.

How are we able to prevent violence?


Violence doesn’t have a unmarried cause, nor a single answer. Every type of violence has its own simply and often unjust reasons. the truth that the legislation sets strict laws on this issue can have a deterrent impact, however it is also an obtrusive proven fact that there’s no definitive answer for violence.

Experts running in state establishments will have to analyze the reasons of violence and by way of the state, movements to do away with these purposes. they need to do.By reminding that we are against all kinds of violence, we hope for the days when we cry handiest from happiness. .

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