Whilst Questioning How A Lot: The Rate of Increase in Space Costs Might Reach 100% through the top of the 12 Months

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Whilst we are hoping that existence conditions will get more straightforward, it will get tougher. after we say that lifestyles gets inexpensive, what we really mean is the development of monetary prerequisites, no longer our lives. Economic difficulties, which have never been at the agenda of the government in recent years, however have unfortunately never fallen from the public’s schedule, make themselves felt more and more every day. the speed of increase in the development value index for July 2021, announced by way of TURKSTAT, rose to 56.42 percent. The labor index higher by means of 21.18 % on an annual basis. in keeping with housing manufacturers, housing costs increases by way of ONE HUNDRED% this 12 months as a result of subject matter-related increases.

“If the will increase are higher, the mirrored image shall be upper”


Increases in the building price index; At The Same Time As it greater to 30 p.c in January and over FORTY p.c in April, it reached 53.70 % in June. With the increase rate achieving 56.42 % in July, the increases within the development value index broke a report.

Head of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Developers Association (IDER), who made an announcement in regards to the effects of these increases on the housing sector. Nazmi Durbakalım mentioned that if the will increase in the index are prime, the repercussions could also be higher, and that the government must take measures in opposition to cement, concrete and iron costs and decrease pastime.

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