Whilst the Coronavirus Is Not Over, New Threat Is At The Door: Our Immunity To The Flu Has Dipped

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for the reason that coronavirus epidemic broke out, the bulk of individuals have been the use of mask, especially in public environments; This has averted the unfold of infections corresponding to the flu. Alternatively, with the acceleration of the vaccination process, it’s concept that flu circumstances will increase this yr, as individuals who do not listen to the foundations on protection from COVID-19 build up.

Ege University Pediatric Infectious Illnesses Division Head Prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl said, “In View That there was very little flu case in our us of a ultimate yr, folks’s resistance to flu and their immunity ranges diminished. Society is extra susceptible to flu.” He stated.

‘There has been a reduction in breathing tract infections’


Kurugöl persevered his phrases as follows: “in the closing 1.5 years with Covid-19, there has been a significant decrease in respiration tract infections transmitted by droplets because of restrictions, but the situation can now be reversed. . Schools have been closed for 1.5 years. there has been no human contact. due to the constraints, there was an important lower in breathing tract infections transmitted by means of droplets. viral infections that result in disease in children are almost by no means seen.

“Normally, a kid has 8-10 breathing tract infections a 12 months, but they virtually by no means got unwell, particularly throughout the Covid-19 period when they have been at home. . But now the situation has utterly changed. Kids are in common touch with one another in class. Human mobility has greater really. Existence is almost totally again to normal. As a result, respiration tract infections have already began to seem.”

an increase is expected from November:

winter flu

“Croup in youngsters in Turkey now there’s a rise in cases. it’s an epidemic referred to as parainfluenza that causes croup. With the cooling of the elements in the coming months, I be expecting a rise in flu circumstances as of November and December.” i like to recommend getting the flu vaccine this yr to give protection to your self. I particularly counsel that individuals within the chance team, over the age of 65, and those with power diseases, should be vaccinated towards influenza. With the outlet of colleges, children are in a bunch with a significant risk of flu.

child cough

Stating that children are suffocating and hoarseness is noticed in croup, Prof. Dr. Zafer Kurugöl stated that the disease particularly impacts kids among the a while of 6 months and three years, coughing like barking at night time, and this illness reasons breathing misery.

Indicating that viral infections in kids are seasonal Kurugöl mentioned, “they’re identical to fish. Just as it’s the season for bonito and bluefish in fish, then while the elements will get colder and snow falls, an influx of anchovies comes. the same is right for viruses. Rhinovirus and parainfluenza increase first. Then, whilst the weather gets less warm, flu circumstances increase. Influenza in Turkey will increase from November-December and causes epidemics in a few years.” said.

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