Wind of the 2000s on the Drag Monitor: 2002 Style Honda S2000 and 2000 Style Acura Integra Sort R Raced

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Hoonigan, the YouTube channel with the subject of auto racing, has finished considered one of the issues that the earthlings most sought after in recent years: to return to the 2000s. Through racing 2 race automobiles from the early 2000s, Hoonigan gave car lovers a feast of nostalgia.< /p>

Competing fiercely in THREE separate laps, the 2002 Honda S2000 and 2000 Acura Integra Type R met on the observe to turn how their very other features could be mirrored in a drag race. The unscrupulous winner of the not-so-honest suits was once the Honda S2000.

The cutthroat race of millennials:

2002 Honda S2000 and 2000 competing in 3 separate laps in Hoonigan’s video The Acura Integra Kind R found out how its different features could make a distinction at the track. within the first of the 1000m races, each vehicles started equally. The 2002 Honda S2000 finished this lap with a cosy win. in the 2d lap, the S2000 each began from in the back of and took 1 person in the passenger seat in order to extend the weight. The winner of this round was the Acura Integra by means of a very small margin. on the third and ultimate lap, the additional passenger in the S2000 were given out, but the car began from behind once more. Losing an excessive amount of weight, the S2000 began in the back of but finished the lap with a win.

Honda’s car showed its superiority in velocity even within the lap it lost. Alternatively, this come across, arranged for the sake of nostalgia, was now not truthful. Or let’s consider the vehicles belonged to different leagues. The Integra had a 199 hp and 1.8 liter engine, whilst the S2000 had a 243 hp and a couple of liter engine. The S2000 was rear wheel drive and the Integra was once front wheel force. there has been a distinction of 91 kilograms between the vehicles whose guide transmissions weren’t modified. The heavy side was once the Honda S2000.

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