Without A Doubt Better than KYK Dormitories: The Incredibly Excellent Conditions of Prisons in Norway

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Netflix’s “The World’s Toughest Prisons” specializes in the jail prerequisites of a unique us of a. Raphael Rowe, who used to be imprisoned for years in England for a criminal offense he did not commit, this time voluntarily enters prisons across the global and conveys the prerequisites to the target market. for comparability – there are prisons the place stipulations are excellent. The jail in Norway is certainly one of the $64000 examples to understand this comparison.

the quality of the prerequisites of the prisons in Norway is every now and then suggested in the media, but if tested in detail, it is understood that it offers more opportunities than anticipated.


norwegian prison cell

Prison cells are really well maintained. All rooms have a TV, toilet, mattress, refrigerator, bookcase, table, huge window, chair or even internet access.

there’s also a marketplace called “Justice”, which includes 1000 and one varieties of merchandise, where prisoners can shop with bank cards.

justice market norway

they are able to cook dinner and consume the meals they want along side the products they buy from this marketplace.

norwegian prison kitchen

Even within the kitchen silver dinnerware is used.

Although prisoners and guards are usually known as two facets that don’t get along, issues are the opposite in Norway.

norway guard

they may be able to hang out like pals in public areas.

There are even ps facilities that we discover tricky to get into our own homes.

Designed by way of architect Eric Møller, the jail almost resembles a college campus.

norway prison architect

It comprises several basketball courts, a mountaineering wall, < strong> fitness center available. Right Here you can experience gymnastics, yoga, mountaineering, etc. with instructors. it’s imaginable to do sports.

they are able to additionally play musical instruments. It even has a recording studio.

prison music

Halden has puts of worship the place prisoners of all faiths can worship.

prison worship

Moreover, local clergy regularly come right here and to worship and chat with the prisoners.

Killers in place of protecting them in combination, they like to position them among people who devote lesser crimes.

Because they care about rehabilitation. 30 years in the past, this price was round 70% in bad prerequisites. So the program works.

they believe that folks are unhealthy on account of bad prerequisites, so they have confirmed that they can tackle a good personality when they are in a good setting.

norwegian prison conditions

In 2011 Norway attacks killed 77 other folks and Let’s point out that the murderer who injured 242 other folks and was sentenced to 24 years in jail could also be within the Halden Jail.

Folks Who dedicate the heaviest crimes are sentenced to 24 years on the such a lot. Everybody has a second likelihood. they suspect they deserve it. the truth that A HUNDRED AND TWENTY,000 dollars is spent in step with year in step with prisoner is met with anger by some. it’s a question of curiosity how the family of the victims spoke back that the stipulations have been so humane.


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