Yemeksepeti Launches ‘Yemeksepeti Mahalle’, which allows you to shop from the tradesmen you realize.

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In a content material we shared with you some time ago, we mentioned Yemeksepeti‘s acquisition of Marketyo for a new provider. With this acquisition, Yemeksepeti was once making plans to launch its carrier referred to as “Yemeksepeti Mahalle“. Now, the expected has come and Yemeksepeti Mahalle, which allows customers to order from providers of their neighborhoods, is to be had.

Customers, grocer, butcher, market, flower, located in Yemeksepeti Mahalle and neighborhoods, deli, petshop, nuts, fish and seafood, cosmetics and charm products With switch and organic food , they will give you the chance to reach their dealers with one contact. thanks to this service, orders can be positioned from native chain retail outlets located within the neighborhoods.

“As Yemeksepeti, we take the native shopkeepers with us”


Bulletins approximately Yemeksepeti Mahalle have been made by the company’s Executive Vice Chairman Of Business Construction Department Mert Baki. Baki made the next statements in his statements on the topic: As Yemeksepeti, we’re evolving right into a platform where our users can meet all their needs underneath one roof, in line with client expectancies, and we take native shopkeepers with us. As Yemeksepeti, we carry our tradesmen at the side of the growing and growing virtual world with our twenty years of experience, greater than 25 million users, technical energy, skilled crew and insurance. Our purpose is digitalization of our 10 thousand neighborhood shopkeepers as quickly as possible. With the cell utility we evolved so as to enable neighborhood shopkeepers to participate in Yemeksepeti Mahalle temporarily, successfully and comfortably, our shopkeepers can simply track their paintings and orders by the use of their smartphones. With this mission, we also supply 1,000 new jobs. in brief, we’re beginning a procedure the place everyone will win with Yemeksepeti Mahalle.

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