You Can Not Dangle Your Tears: What Could iPhone THIRTEEN Turkey Value Be Like With Out SCT?

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US-based totally generation massive Apple introduced its new merchandise along with the iPhone THIRTEEN circle of relatives at an experience it organized not too long ago.Apple Turkey updated its web site immediately after the company’s statement, and introduced the next day. introduced the costs of smartphones in Turkey, that allows you to be opened for pre-order in the following days. In This Case, a consumer in our us of a will be capable of purchase an iPhone THIRTEEN for himself, with prices starting from 10 thousand 999 TL to 22 thousand 999 TL .

While buying a technological product in Turkey, it is well worth the value ahead of its options. we can say that having a look has develop into a tradition. in this context, in a content we ready for you lately, we calculated how much tax was once charged for the costs of the iPhone THIRTEEN circle of relatives and how a lot money the gadgets made for Apple Turkey . Now, we’re going to make a new calculation, the results of which you’ll be much more surprised by way of. With Out the SCT, how a lot would it not price to own an iPhone 13 beneath current conditions?

If we scale back the SCT to 0 p.c , How about iPhone THIRTEEN costs?

iPhone 13 series

In our previous calculations, we explained the tax items on the iPhone 13 circle of relatives one via one.

As you’ll see, the article with the highest price was once the SCT implemented to merchandise that Turkey considers luxury. Now let’s visit parallel everenassume that this tax does not exist. in this case, what more or less ticket may the iPhone 13 models have?

While calculating taxes, we apply multiplication because we pay the tax besides. That’s why the tax paid for a cellphone is going as much as 96.6. after we cast off the SCT from this account, we are confronted with a tax of 31 p.c, since the SCT tax may be got rid of with the SCT. in addition, allow us to state that the values ​​we believe as ‘Apple Turkey’s benefit percentage’ are the values ​​we calculate based totally on the present pricing. In different words, in a global where there may be no SCT, Apple Turkey can scale back its benefit share even additional via a percentage of the following values.

iPhone THIRTEEN mini

iPhone 13 mini

For 128 GB model:

Customs access worth: 4.846 TL Tax with out SCT: 1.502 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit: 1.471 TL without SCT selling value: 7,819 TL THE DIFFERENCE is: 3,A HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TL

For 256 GB model:

Price to enter customs: 5,084 TL Tax with out SCT: 1,576 TL Apple Turkey’s profit: 2.003 TL Gross Sales price without SCT: EIGHT,663 TL THE ADAPTATION is: THREE,336 TL

For 512 GB model:

Customs entry worth: 5.560 TL Tax with out SCT:< /strong> 1,723 TL Apple Turkey’s profit:3.068 TL Sales price with out SCT:10,351 TL THE DIFFERENCE: THREE.648 TL


iPhone 13

For 128 GB model:

Customs access worth: 5,096 TL Tax without SCT:1,579 TL Apple Turkey’s profit: 1,980 TL Sales value with out SCT: 8655 TL THE ADAPTATION is: 3.344 TL

For 256 GB version:

Customs entry price: FIVE.334 TL Tax with out SCT: 1.653 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit:2.512 TL with out SCT sale worth: 9,499 TL THE VARIATION is: 3,500 TL

For 512 GB model:

Worth to go into customs:FIVE.810 TL  Tax with out SCT: 1.801 TL Apple Turkey’ profit of: TL 3,576 Sales value with out SCT: TL 11,187 THE ADAPTATION: TL THREE,812


iPhone 13 Pro

128 GB model for:

Customs access worth: 7.449 TL Tax without SCT: 2.309 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit: 1,354 TL Sales value without SCT: ELEVEN,112 TL THE VARIATION is: 4.887 TL

For 256 GB version:

Customs entry worth: 7,706 TL Tax without SCT: 2.388 TL Apple Turkey’s profit:1.849 TL Sales price with out SCT:< /strong> ELEVEN,943 TL THE VARIATION is: 5,056 TL

For the 512 GB model:

Value for customs clearance: EIGHT.218 TL < strong>Tax with out SCT: 2,547 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit:rong>2.842 TL Worth with out SCT: 13,607 TL THE DIFFERENCE is: 5.392 TL

For 1 TB version:

Customs entry worth: EIGHT.928 TL Tax without SCT: 2.767 TL Apple Turkey’s profit: THREE.446 TL sale worth with out SCT : 15,141 TL THE DIFFERENCE is: 5.858 TL

iPhone THIRTEEN Professional Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

For 128 GB model:

Access to customs worth: 8,103 TL Tax with out SCT:2,511 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit:2.068 TL Sales value without SCT: 12,682 TL THE ADAPTATION is: FIVE,317 TL

For 256 GB model:

Customs entry value: 8,363 TL SCT ‘you tax: 2,592 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit:2. 557 TL Gross Sales price without SCT: THIRTEEN,512 TL THE ADAPTATION is: 5,487 TL

For 512 GB version:

Customs access worth: 8,883 TL Tax with out SCT: 2.753 TL Apple Turkey’s profit: 3.535 TL Sales worth with out SCT: < /strong>15,171 TL THE ADAPTATION is: FIVE.828 TL

For 1 TB model:

Price to enter customs: 9,605 TL < strong>Tax with out SCT: 2.977 TL Apple Turkey’s benefit: 4.115 TL Sales value with out SCT: 16,697 TL THE ADAPTATION is:< /strong> 6,302 TL

DO NOT purchase iPhone THIRTEEN without staring at this video:


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