You Do Not Are Aware Of It As Tank: Tesla’s ‘Cyberlandr’ Prototype That Turns Cybertruck Into Caravan Found Out

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Tesla Cybertruck, which made an ideal impression whilst it first seemed, controlled to attract the attention of each car lovers and generation fanatics. Considering then, quite a lot of ideas associated with Cybertruck were put forward.

certainly one of these ideas was once Cyberlandr, which will be attached to the again of the vehicle and turn the vehicle into a mini trailer in an wireless. this idea, which now we have now not seen a residing example of beforehand, has if truth be told managed to gather $50 million in pre-orders up to now.

Cyberlandr is here for the primary time


Cybertruck is quite a remarkable and strong software on its own although as well as, many people may prefer to have an extra space at the back of the vehicle once they wish to make lengthy and adventurous journeys or spend a protracted time within the town. Cyberlandr also creates an area that may also be used for actions similar to snoozing, the usage of as an workplace, and taking a shower.

in the newly launched video of Cyberlandr we also have the opportunity to look how this tiny home extension has risen and increased. Although the resulting dwelling space is pleasant to the eye, it’s after all not very massive. It still has the structure to satisfy many needs.

Orders are open


Cyberlandr first garnered consideration whilst it controlled to surpass $50 million pre-order in April 2021. The manufacturer of this tiny house is not Tesla, but a startup called Movement It. The founders of the initiative say that Cybertrucks may also be used like a trailer thanks to this upload-on.

in line with the developer team, Cyberlandr will likely be used 2-3 times greater than other trailer upload-ons. the explanation for that is that it’s simple to hold due to its construction. of course, it’s not positive how regularly Tesla customers will need to use this selection. Pre-orders are currently ongoing for Cyberlandr. There also are discounts starting at $FIVE,000 for pre-orders till September 30.

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