Your Brain Will Burn At The Same Time As Gazing: A Video Showing How Simple It’s To Manipulate Social Media

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With the well-liked use of smartphones, computer systems and the web, social media platforms have become a component of our lives. Folks now spend a significant a part of their day killing time on social media. However, the hazards that social media might pose are often expressed in person conversations and sometimes through mavens. Now we’re going to talk approximately a topic in an effort to nearly burn your brain.

Manipulation is a indisputable fact that is present in each part of our lives. a person or a gaggle affects different people’s feelings, making them their very own manner. this is referred to as manipulating. Manipulations, which might be already identified to exist in social media, however can’t be understood from time to time by means of whom and how, every so often does not replicate the reality make information unfold inside seconds, and sometimes more than a few developments succeed in thousands and thousands.

Social media can be manipulated. Is it?

Manipulation on social media

A channel called Saniye, which has greater than 1 million followers on YouTube, has ready a video called “Manipulating Social Media”. In This video; Saying that they are at the back of the word “bane“, which we have now began to see nearly in every single place recently, the channel defined the way it manipulates social media. when you watch the video from starting to finish, you notice with your own eyes how simple it’s to do manipulation, and anyone who needs can manage on social media.

The video created by the channel named Seconds refers to the word ‘bane’ all of us recognize that there are a large number of examples that have by hook or by crook transform a development in Turkey. the simplest examples of these are; “napim” or “cu“, one in every of essentially the most used phrases of the closing days. In different words, they’ll have been born as a results of social media manipulation and became a rosewood in everyone’s language. What if this video may be a manipulation?

this is that video explaining how social media is manipulated

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